Paolo Zuñiga

Filmmaker working between US and Mexico.


Paolo Zuñiga

There’s Only One Me
2017, 9 min.

There's Only One Me is based on a series of interviews with Félix Peralta Jr., a deported U.S. military veteran currently living in Tijuana, Mexico. While Félix reflects on his experience of living in an unknown country, the film characterizes deportation as an act of violence that often leads to unjustified consequences.

The film is an attempt to investigate perceptions of home and identity through a cinematic form that is built on memories rather than a structured linear narrative. Through this process, Felix’ reflections reveal a deep trauma produced by deportation that has forced him to aimlessly navigate a new way of life in an unknown country.

Produced in collaboration with Sophia Sobko and Félix Peralta Jr.

2023 Suraj Israni Center for Cinematic Arts, La Jolla, CA
2018 Cine Tonalá: Territorio Norte, Tijuana BC, Mexico